Connecting YOU to YOUR health records


"For me, it was quickly apparent that timely and immediate access to Clinical Records would be useful in keeping me informed and prepared for conversations with the medical personnel in charge of my care. It also became apparent that this information would be available for me to share and distribute to others." - Peter, Patient and Family Advisor, MyChart User, Hamilton, ON

I really appreciate having access to my information. I keep a record of it and can compare the values of the testing over the years. Thanks so much for this wonderful comprehensive service!” – Patient, Stratford General Hospital

Great application. Finally, have access to my own information without a cost associated with it”- Patient, Seaforth Community Hospital

This is an amazing resource. With having a child with a chronic disease he has regular blood work done. Most of his blood work is being done at a hospital outside of where we live so it is convenient to be able to access it online. We absolutely love how you can select a specific item on the blood work and how it charts it! This REALLY gives us a good indication of what is happening health-wise and areas where we look for trends. It really helps us prepare for our appointments with the doctors/his healthcare team. We feel more informed and can ask better questions, therefore maximizing our time with the team.” - Caregiver, Woodstock General Hospital

Easy to use -labs giving history and graphs is really useful. Scans and tests being available online is good for others to review. Great idea, thanks for making this available.” – Patient, Juravinski Cancer Centre

Great system and a way to save time and money in the health care system by preventing visits to primary care providers offices, ERs, and walk-in clinics. Also giving patients more power over and access to their health information should make them more aware of their overall health, feeling empowered to ask questions, and improving their health while maintaining privacy and confidentiality.” - Patient, Stratford General Hospital

I very much like the MyChart Patient Portal as it gives me access to medical tests I have had. This portal is excellent. I hope this program continues as I feel many patients would find it useful.” - Patient, St. Joseph’s Health Care London